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  • Exide Mileage Red MRED45D21LBH (45AH)

Exide Mileage Red MRED45D21LBH (45AH)

Key Features :

Brand: Exide

Capacity: 45 AH

Warranty: 48 Months

Price: Rs. 589822.8 % OFF
With Old Battery(Same Ah): Rs. 4555
Without Old Battery: Rs.5352

Brand New & 100% Genuine

Free Delivery & Installation

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Rs. 4555

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Delivered in 4 - 24 Hours*

Description of Exide Mileage Red MRED45D21LBH (45AH)

Exide Mileage-RED range of batteries have Robust design to meet stringent application requirements. Special side vented cover design offers excellent spill-resistant characteristics and Double clad separation provides high reliability and life expectancy. Made to withstand high temperatures, Exide Mileage batteries come with Magic Eye for checking electrolyte level and state-of-charge. Milegae batteries come factory-charged and are ready-to-use.

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Specifications of Exide Mileage Red MRED45D21LBH (45AH)
Warranty 24 Months Free of Cost + 24 Months Pro Rata
Battery Layout Left Layout
Approx Nominal Filled Weight (Kg) 14.2
Dimension (LxWxH) in mm 205x177x222
Features of Exide Mileage Red MRED45D21LBH (45AH)
  • Factory Charged - Ready to Use
  • Fully sealed & tested
  • Robust design - to take care of stringent application requirements
  • Special Omega type cover design offers excellent spill-resistance
  • Magic Eye - for determination of electrolyte level and state-of-charge
  • Special side vented cover design - excellent spill-resistant characteristics
  • Double clad separation - high reliability and life expectancy

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