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Key Features :

Brand: SF Sonic

Capacity: 150 Ah

Warranty: 36 Months

Price: Rs. 119557.3 % OFF
With Old Battery(Same Ah): Rs. 9198
Without Old Battery: Rs.11298

Brand New & 100% Genuine

Free Delivery & Installation

Cash on Delivery

Rs. 9198

(Prices are inclusive of all taxes)

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Delivered in 4 - 24 Hours*

Description of SF SONIC TRUCKER FSKO-SK1080-150R (150Ah)

SF Sonic Truck batteries are built on a thorough understanding of Indian operating conditions, using innovative technology that enhances the efficiency, mileage and reliability of your truck. They are designed to keep your business moving, without having to worry about the maintenance and upkeep of your truck battery.

Aapkibattery - Battery Dealer in Bhopal MP India. Phone- 0755 491 8555

Specifications of SF SONIC TRUCKER FSKO-SK1080-150R (150Ah)
Warranty 18 Months Free of Cost + 18 Months Pro Rata
Battery Layout Right Layout
Features of SF SONIC TRUCKER FSKO-SK1080-150R (150Ah)
  • Patented Japanese C21 alloy to withstand severe working conditions
  • Superior starting power, instant ignition
  • Arrestors to prevent acidic corrosion and sparks
  • Dual plate protection against shocks and vibrations
  • No topping up. Zero maintenance
  • Factory charged battery

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